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The Call Centre

The Call Centre continues to keep on top of the demand for callbacks, and is clearing the list by 18:00 daily.  Enquiries are received via Facebook and the new email address ( as well as the traditional routes of sms, email via the website and phone calls.  We have also been able to follow up on incomplete applications.

During the week of 14-28 January 2017, 998 voice calls were received, 715 requests via email and the website, 2 984 via sms and 86 call back requests were made on the IVR.  Requests were also picked up on Facebook.  5,976 outbound calls were made.

4,498 completed records were added to the database.

Government and Communication Information Services (GCIS) arranged a successful walk-about at the Call Centre on Friday 20 January, which was well publicised on Twitter.   

Cumulative statistics of phone calls

cumulative stats cach







Weekly statistics of applicants captured

The ‘Not submitted’ figure includes applicants whose records were ‘reactivated’ by new exam results early in  January.  These have not at this stage asked to be listed for 2017.

The ‘No results’ figure consists primarily of web applicants who cannot be linked to NSC results.  These are also included in the ‘Not submitted’ total.

‘Multiple year registrations’ are those applicants who signed up in 2016 and again in 2017.  The majority of these signed up during the survey in December.


cumulative stats 2













Who are our applicants?

The gap between the genders has widened slightly, and now stands at 39.4% male, 57.3% female and 3.3% unspecified.  (The ‘unspecified’ are those who are in the process of signing up or who cannot be linked to examination results because this data is taken from the DBE and IEB records.)

Ethnically, 92.3% describe themselves as Black African, 2.5% as Coloured, 1% as Indian and 0.8% as white; 3.3% are unspecified.

Matric endorsement
42% have a Bachelor’s Pass, 23.1% a Diploma Pass and 4.5% a higher certificate pass and 1.2% have a status of Not Achieved NSC.  23.1% show as ‘Unspecified’, but this includes applicants who signed up in 2016 and have rewritten one or more subjects but not actually signed up again with CACH. 

Verified Results
92.3% of applicants have been matched with their examination results on the DBE and IEB databases, and 5.2% were not matched but have given us their results telephonically.  The two groups are clearly distinguished for institutions.  The remaining 2.4% have no results.  These are mostly people who registered online, because the Call Centre discourages people with NC(V)_ or the old Senior Certificate from applying as their results cannot be recorded on our database.

Field of study and province
The most popular field of study is once again Education, followed by Business, Economics and Management Studies and Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences.  The regional differences are interesting.












Provision of Information to Institutions

A second list of applicants was sent to DHET on 28 January for distribution to universities, TVET colleges and SETAs.

No further searches have been carried out on the CACH database by publicly funded institutions.  This is a concern.

More private institutions have requested lists, and these are now being sent weekly to 12 organisations, including two offering learnerships. 


Social media

The Facebook page is attracting a lot of messages and comments.

Following the Walk-About on 20 January #CACH trended very actively on Twitter and interviews with DHET and Call Centre staff were loaded on the DHET Twitter account as well as that of CACH.


Facebook statistics






Twitter statistics





As well as raising awareness of the CACH, the social media accounts are being used to spread information and advice about other options open to matriculants, including sharing information from the DBE and NSFAS websites. 




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