Make the right career choices with Khetha

skillsIn order to assist learners to make informed career and study choices, the Department operates the Khetha multi-channel platform career development service which provides free access to career information, advice and guidance through telephone, SMS, social media, face-to-face and outreaches to schools among others, e.g. calling 0860 999 0123 for advice or sending an SMS or “Please Call Me” to 072 204 5056. Over the past two and half years, almost 51 000 individuals have made use of this service.

Through the Khetha outreach programme, schools were visited and exhibitions held where Grade 9 to 12 learners were encouraged not only to do their best in their studies but also to apply in time for PSET opportunities. Last year, we reached 135 360 learners and youth through these interventions.

These services complement the online platforms which include the National Career Advice Portal ( and Careerhelp web and mobi sites which are mainly self-help platforms that provide information on career pathways, occupations and relevant education and training opportunities and facilitate career decision making also through cellphones. Through the Khetha radio programme, the Department reaches approximately   3.5 million listeners on 10 SABC African language radio stations, including Afrikaans on a weekly basis.  I want to encourage learners who still need information, advice and guidance on where to go after Grade 12, to contact one of these services.


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