Ugandan skills authorities meet with SA team

UgandanSouth Africa’s Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) has collaborated with the Uganda authorities who are mapping critical gaps in their country’s human resource planning.

Uganda’s national planning executive director, Acer Godfrey Okot, explains there was a lot to learn from the best practices of other African studies, including South Africa.

Following these consultations with other countries, the authority plans to develop appropriate recommendations that will guide the country in developing its National Human Resource Plan.

Joining the discussions with the Ugandan authorities was the Department’s Skills Development, and HRD Planning, Policy and Strategy Units and the National Skills Fund.

Extensive discussions included a broad background on the history of South Africa and how the country came to a decision to prioritise skills planning and development.

Other issues which were discussed included how the South African government had recognised the need for a credible, institutional mechanism for skills planning.

The Department also shared how the Labour Market Intelligence to inform skills planning, for example, reporting on skills supply and demand, and the identification of imbalances.

Another presentation shared the process of developing skills development policies and regulatory frameworks and how skills development was institutionalised with particular reference to the Sector Education and Training Authorities.

The National Skills Fund provided a brief overview of the fund, the skills levy system and how the funds are distributed.

The HRDC Secretariat outlined the planning process for developing the revised Human Resource Development Strategy for South Africa.

The status and progress of the bilateral relations between the two countries were also covered by the Department’s International Relations unit.


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Posted in February 2017

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